NIP + FAB Salicylic Fix Tonic 100ml

NIP + FAB Salicylic Fix Tonic 100ml


Target blemishes and reveal radiant skin with the  Salicylic Acid Tonic; a fast-acting solution which exfoliates and unclogs pores, clears blackheads and thoroughly cleanses congested skin.

The tonic contains blemish-fighting 1% salicylic acid and sebum-reducing lotus flower to prevent breakouts without stripping the skin.

A leave-on liquid exfoliant, use the Salicylic Acid Fix Tonic at night and wake up to smoother and cleaner skin with a more even skin tone.


Perfect for when you have a skincare SOS or bad breakouts, the treatment tonic can be used on problem areas to fasten the healing process, and prevent further breakouts.


Key benefits:
salicylic acid: to act on breakouts
lotus flower extracts: support reduction in oil production
witch hazel: to close pores