Qwezi Beauty Moringa Oil 120ml

Qwezi Beauty Moringa Oil 120ml


Introducing Qwezi Beauty moringa oil 120ml, formulated from organically-grown moringa oleifera seeds. Purely organic, moringa oil is non-comedogenic, safe and suitable for hair and all face and skin types.


Wrinkle Removal

Qwezi Beauty moringa oil naturally contains vitamin C that boosts collagen and a high concentration of behenic acid for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. It also contains antioxidants which are free radicals scavengers and fight the visible signs of aging.


All Day Skin Protection

Moringa oil also contains a high concentration of oleic acid that purifies and detoxifies the skin by absorbing dirt and germs.


All Day Moisture Lock-in

The fatty acids present in the oil give deep moisturizing properties that even and nourish the face, body, and scalp. Moringa oil is very emollient, and it deeply penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy feeling and helps the